What is the Benefit of Great Graphic Design

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Finding a talented Graphic Designer is no easy task.  Not only does a Graphic Designer need to have a broad array of technical abilities and an artistic eye, they need to have good communication skills. Great communication helps to speed up the process and it allows for a better experience all around.  Creating is fun and should be a satisfying experience.   Good Communication also allows for the greatest possible outcome in which the client and the artist are both happy with what they produced together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Graphic Design is usually a collaboration of an idea, in which a client asks the designer to fill in all the little details.  It is much like sculpting a statue, first cutting away the big pieces, until it is honed down to its perfection – the realized product.       A great design draws you in,  engaging and energetic.  You don’t know why you are looking but you are.  A great designer understands the psychology of engaging imagery, the color, shapes, flow, and geometry that lies at the core of dynamic design.  Without this understanding, it is hard to create good work on a consistent basis.                                                                                             I believe that the most important part of great graphic design is the way it sticks to you and the way it impacts your life.  A great graphic design imprints to you and you retain it.  It can bring back memories and create new ones, adding to the ambiance of an experience. Great Graphic Design can change your mood, for example easing your nerves and relaxing you and can even persuade or attract.                                                                                                                                                                                                     There is a big difference between good and great graphic design.  It is subtle and yet drastic. You remember!


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