Newsletter July 15

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Hello friends and patrons of the arts! There have been many new developments in the Studio that I am proud to share with you and excited to inform you about. As you well know by now, I am all about all things art and that is what I have done. I am still developing my career path and experimenting in niches in the art world that I believe I possess strong talent and ability. Any helpful feedback is duly appreciated. Your patronage also helps in my development, in which I am constantly striving to become the best I can possibly be. Enjoy!

Fine Art

I have been working on a series of large watercolors for a possible show. Large format watercolors. I have been progressing in portraiture.

Organizational Planning Illustrations

I have recently created a newwebsite to help promote my Consulting Process Mapping side of my business. Check it out at –

Graphic Design

The Day The World Series Stopped is a documentary by my uncle Jon about the 1989 Earthquake at candlestickstadium – a first persons account.

Children’s Book

I am pleased to announce that I have self published 200 copies of my book for those of you interested in getting one.I am currently working on trying to print my book with glow in the dark ink for a second round of printing anddistribution. I may need help to do it and am planning a possible kickstarter campaign to get it done. Keep an eye out for it. The book is currently available as it is, each signed by me and available on

Go to for how to buy!

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