Design Process

My process starts simple and adds complexity from one phase to the next.

1)I first play around with shapes and values at the thumbnail stages which are small images with little detail.

2)Next, I get to the quick sketch stage which I will sometimes do on the computer   which helps in determining sizes and relationships of    objects so that it all looks right and making sure there are no tangents.










3) Next is the Master Drawing phase where I draw all the elements exactly as I want them and based on my research from the thumbnails and sketches.










4)The next step in my process is the watercolor stage where I redraw this master drawing onto watercolor paper and apply paint. Ill try to get it to a semi finished look.










5) The last stage is where I take the watercolor and import it into the computer. With various drawing programs I am able to polish and clean up the final image for print or delivery.











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